About My Practice

Welcome to my unique, discreet psychology and consulting practice.

I see a broad range of clientele; high functioning adults, business owners, religious, and corporate leaders, ex-pats, internationals, entrepreneurs, young people getting started in life, married couples, parents and family members who need assistance in tough situations. Using an interdisciplinary approach I draw from Psychodynamic, Rational -Emotive, Cognitive Behavioral, Existential and Interpersonal therapies weaving current research in social sciences, medicine, neurobiology, health psychology with the wealth of ancient wisdom to help you find pathways of healing, restoration and purpose. Most people who come to me are referred by previous clients and trusted advisors.

Many of my clients have been reluctant to seek help or have sought professional help before with mixed reviews. The feedback I receive is that my approach is “different,” “on point,” “challenging, “intelligent,” “fresh and honest” and results are “effective,” “life changing, “empowering” and “transformative.”

I provide brief interventions and long-term depth work, consulting, coaching, individual, couples and family therapy. After initial screening and diagnostics, a course of action is customized to your needs. Sessions can be scheduled remote by zoom, in person at my office in Bellingham, WA., or soon in the village of Montolieu, France or a site we establish together by special arrangement.

Expertise, and Focus:

  • Leaders surviving and thriving in adversity
  • Adult development life transitions, and vocational realignment
  • Narcissism and recovery in narcissistic/ codependent relationships;
  • True self/false self, splitting and identity
  • PTSD recovery and healing in complex trauma, grief and loss
  • Parent-child, sibling relationship and multi-generational family healing
  • Relationship Repair for Children of Divorce
  • Recovery from covert emotional and abuse and moral violation in faith-based settings.

Much of my work is with Christians, creatives, HSP’s, outliers, people in public and high stress positions and cross-cultural lifestyles. A distinct aspect of work includes attending to underlying beliefs, contextual conflicts, character formation, moral realignment, self emptying vs. self-fulfillment, forgiveness, spiritual direction, accompaniment and integration.

Therapy -Out -of The Box

Long before the pandemic upended our lives and disrupted standard American approaches to psychology and “mental health” services, I was integrating psychotherapy and spiritual disciplines with exercise and diet, travel, and compassionate engagement with the broader world. While talk therapy and medication can help, they are not sufficient. The mind, body, soul, and spirit need more than just talk therapy to be physically healthy, emotionally aware, relationally connected, mentally clear and to forge strategic pathways to health, better relationships and a new way forward.

While my core practice is in person I am doing more work remote and abroad. I also provide church and family business consultations, family interventions, succession planning, customized pilgrimages, silent retreats, and workshops.

Montolieu is a lovely village of arts and books in the South of France, and is becoming a European base and branch for Tree of Life Coaching and Consulting and a marvelous venue for therapy-out-of-the-box. This lovely village is nestled in vineyards, the cultural heart Occitaine in the which people can regroup, redirect and gain perspective and reconnect with essential parts of themselves. Discover the Cathars and walk the paths of the saint, learn from medieval history, art, architecture and discover the pleasures of French wine and cuisine..joie de vivre routes. Personal goals can be established weaving coaching, spiritual accompaniment, physical activity (ie walking, canyoning, cycling), journaling, meditation and self examination with interactive inspiration from art, history, culture immersion, nature as well theological, philosophical resources and the creative arts.